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Traditional / steel bicycle wheel rims

Traditional / steel bicycle wheel rims
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Price: €20.57
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: Traditional rim
Average Rating: Not Rated

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These are steel bicycle rims for traditional bikes. Note that there are different cross-sections. The "Westwood" shape is for rod brakes and hub brakes and cannot be used with brakes which operate on the side of the rims.

The luxury option amongst these types of rims is chromed stainless steel, which keep the attractive appearance of a shiny chromed finish over a very long lifespan. See the "additional images".

All these rims have 36 spoke holes. Most are drilled for the more common 14 gauge spokes, some are also available with larger holes for 13 gauge spokes. I know that some people restoring older bicycles want 32 and 40 hole rims but we unfortunately have no source for rims with differing numbers of holes or undrilled.

Note that there are two different sizes of "28 inch" wheel. The ETRTO 635 size, also known as 28 x 1 1/2 inches, and the ETRTO 622 size, also known as 28 x 1 3/8 inches. Tyres that fit one of these sizes will not fit the other. We sell practical long-wearing puncture resistant everyday tyres suitable for both sizes of rim.

If you're not sure which size of rim that you need, refer to the side of your tyres as they are usually marked with the wheel size. We wrote an article which explains in more detail about wheel and tyre sizes.

Note that what were previously chromed steel Westwood rims are now actually made of brightly polished aluminium. They won't rust and if you use them for braking your brakes will be more effective on these rims. They're still listed here under Steel rims because that's where the other options in the same sizes and shapes are. The painted rims are made of steel. Rims listed as "chromed" are made of plain steel with chrome plating while those listed as "stainless" are made of stainless steel with chrome plating. They look identical when new, with a traditional chromed appearance, but the stainless type do not rust over time.

The black painted rims usually come from the manufacturer with the gold stripes shown in the additional images, but not always and we can't guarantee this.

Important note regarding ordering just one rim

It is difficult to pack a single rim in an economical fashion so that it will survive postage. The cardboard required weighs nearly as much as the rim itself. If you wish to order a single rim, please also order the "Single rim postage dummy" found at the end of the list of types. This has no cost in itself, but it adds to the weight and corrects the cost of postage for a single rim. In the event that this extra postage cost is not required, we will refund the extra postage that you paid.

For orders of two or more rims, there is no need to also add the dummy rim as postage will be calculated correctly.

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Traditional / steel bicycle wheel rims
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Traditional / steel bicycle wheel rims
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