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The shipping cost for an order is calculated by the website after it knows your country and the weight of your order. The easiest way of finding out the total cost to buy goods including shipping to your location is to enter it into the shopping cart on the website and go right through to the payment stage having given your address. You can do this before you commit to buying, and we won't spam you if you have entered your email address.

This also gives the website a chance to remove the 21% European sales tax (BTW / VAT) which you won't have to pay if you live outside of the European Union.

Here are some indications of approximate shipping costs are to different countries:

Order weight Light Average Heavy
Netherlands €1.32 €6.75 €6.75
UK / Western Europe €6.20  €15 €21
USA / Rest of world €11 €26 €36

We do not seek to make profit on shipping. The price calculated by the website is that which we calculate will be charged by the Dutch post office - the cheapest option open to us. For very low value orders the shipping cost includes some allowance for time and costs to pack your order.

If there is a significant difference in what your parcel costs to ship relative to our website's calculation then we will normally process a partial refund.

Please don't ask why shipping is "expensive" for buying one relatively low cost but heavy item. The answer is simple: shipping costs depend on weight and size, not on cost. Because we sell some relatively heavy items for prices which are much lower than on other websites, sometimes the postage will seem high relative to the item cost. We know of some instances where other websites have exactly the same items for as much as four times our price. Would you rather that we increase the cost of the goods to make the postage seem relatively less expensive ?

If you buy multiple items then the postage rate per item is lower.

Who will deliver your parcel ?

If customers let us know who delivered their parcel, we make a note here. We have sent to far more countries than those listed below. If your country isn't listed then it's one of those for which we don't know the local deliverer. It is extremely unusual that a parcel goes missing but it's not quite so rare for it to be delayed and take a little longer than usual to arrive. If you have ordered, the status of your shipment has changed to shipped, and your parcel has not yet turned up after the estimated delivery time then in most cases waiting a few days longer is all you need to do.

Country Uninsured parcels Insured parcels Reliability
Australia     All correctly delivered so far
Bulgaria   Speedy - Express delivery All correctly delivered so far
Finland Itella DPD Uninsured all delivered so far, some problems with DPD insured postage
France     All correctly delivered so far
Germany     All correctly delivered so far
Japan     All correctly delivered so far
Netherlands Post NL Post NL All correctly delivered so far
New Zealand     All correctly delivered so far
Russia     All correctly delivered so far
United Kingdom     Very many parcels sent with very few problems
United States     Very many parcels sent, very few problems

Notes written on parcels

If you want us to write on a parcel that it should be delivered nextdoor if you're not home we can do that. We cannot write on your parcel that it is a gift in order to avoid import taxes. If you have paid for insured postage then we can't write that the deliverer should leave it on your doorstep unsigned.