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Dynamo powered lights

Dynamo powered lights

If you rely upon your bicycle being ready to ride at a moment's notice, dynamo powered lights are the solution. They fit permanently to your bike and are always ready for action. No charging or battery replacement is needed.

With modern good quality dynamos, drag is so low that you won't notice it if your dynamo is properly set up. When a bottle dynamo is disengaged there is of course no drag at all, so if like most people youl mostly ride in the day this is an excellent setup. Bottle dynamos can also more easily be retrofitted to most bikes.

A budget, but still very bright and effective, dynamo lighting setup can be made up by combining the AXA HR dynamo with Union UN-4268 headlight and Busch und Muller Toplight Flat Plus rear light at about 51 euros for the set.

An example of a more luxurious and brighter bottle dynamo setup would be the combination of the AXA HR Dynamo, Busch und Muller Cyo headlight and B&M Toplight Line-Plus rear light for a total of about 110 euros.

A good hub dynamo setup would combine the 28" dynamo hub wheel with an AXA Luxx 70 headlight and B&M Toplight Line Plus rear light for a total of about €185.

The best current price / performance headlight is the Union / Marwi UN-4268. This offers a bright 35 lux output with a well shaped beam, a standlight (stays on when you stop) and works with both hub and bottle dynamos and it comes at a very attractive price.

All combinations of dynamo, headlight and rear light are possible. To avoid running a wire to the back of your bike you can instead choose a battery powered rear light. While you can safely run any of our front lights from a dynamo without a rear being connected, you should never run just a rear light. Doing so will provide an inadequate load to the dynamo, which results in higher voltage and can damage the rear light.

Unless there is a brazed on attachment for a dynamo on your frame, don't forget to buy a suitable bracket to fit your dynamo. We have brackets to fit on a V-brake boss, the front forks or rear seat-stay. You will also probably need wire, though this depends on the combination of parts that you've ordered (details are with the lights).

See also our comprehensive article about selecting, setting up and trouble-shooting dynamo lighting.

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