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Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bikes

Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bikes
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Price: €21.78
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bicycles
Manufacturer: Schwalbe
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Tyres for Kronan bicycles

The Kronan "Herrcykel", the Kronan model with a "men's" frame, uses an unusual tyre size - 54-584. This is a wide tyre, which fits a "26 inch" rim, but the rim is not the same size as the other two popular "26 inch" wheel sizes, 559 for Mountain Bikes and 590 for traditional English roadsters. It can be difficult to find tyres which fit the Kronan rim.

We have a range of good quality Schwalbe made tyres which fit the rim, from the relatively inexpensive Big Ben (slightly narrower) and Marathon E-Plus to the "Smart Sam" of 54 mm width.

The Schwalbe Big Ben in the 50-584 size is our current recommendation for an economical tyre. This tyre is nominally 4 mm narrower than the standard tyre, not enough to make it look out of place on the bike. The Big Ben has a more sensible profile for on-road riding than the mountain bike oriented Smart Sam. The Marathon E-Plus is an extremely puncture resistant and long lasting tyre.

Women's frame Kronan bikes use a 47-622 size of tyre. This is easier to find. We recommend the Schwalbe Marathon tyre in that size. It's a good quality tyre and very puncture resistant.

Inner tubes

Schwalbe recommend using the DV19, AV19 or SV19 innertube (depending on your choice of valve) to complement the 50/54-584 tyre. For a 47-622 tyre, chose the DV, AV or SV17 size innertube.


If unsure about what tyre size you need, please read our guide to choosing the correct tyre size.

The Kronan isn't a Dutch bike, it's Swedish. However, we like to help people who have all types of everyday reliable bicycle

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Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bikes
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Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bikes
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Schwalbe tyres for Kronan bikes
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