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SRAM chain

SRAM chain
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Price: €11.50
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: SRAM Chain
Manufacturer: SRAM
Average Rating: Not Rated

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The predecessor of SRAM, Sachs/Sedis, invented the modern bicycle chain. Their bushingless design is now imitated by all other bicycle chain manufacturers.

Chains are available in several different sizes. All bicycle chains have a 1/2" (12.7 mm) pitch, but the widths vary. The inside width of 1/8" is used on most single speed bikes and bikes with internal hub gears. The 3/32" aned 11/128" widths are used by all derailleur gearing systems. With these there is an added complication. The outside width varies depending on how many gears you have - narrower for higher numbers of gears. These chains are identified in the options by the number of gears on the cassette.

These chains have been our first choice for chains for decades. Fitted correctly, using the special link provided with each chain, they are extremely reliable. In each size there is a range of options. Unless you're particularly concerned about small weight differences or appearance, we recommend that in most cases you should fit the lowest cost option which is correct for your bike.

It is essential to change your chain before wear is such that it causes damage to other drive-chain components. A tool is available to easily measure chain wear.

Each chain comes with 114 links and either a "power link" or "snap lock" (depending on model) for joining the chain.

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SRAM chain
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SRAM chain
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SRAM chain
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SRAM chain
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SRAM chain
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