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Dynamo bracket for brake mount.

Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
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Price: €4.24
Availability: Out Of Stock
Model: Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
Manufacturer: Axa / Basta
Average Rating: Not Rated


We use the parts that we sell and we stand by them. Unfortunately, occasionally there is a part which simply isn't so good as it should be. The bracket shown in the photo below was mounted on my own touring bike. This bracket lasted for two years of regular use before I noticed that the dynamo was at an unusual angle, and that this had happened because the bracket had suffered from metal fatigue.

When a bracket like this fails, the result can be an unpleasant injury. For instance, a dangling dynamo by the front wheel could end up between the spokes and result in the rider flying over the handlebars. If you have a brake mounted dynamo on your bicycle, stop using it.

You should of course always check that your bicycle is safe to ride before riding it. Any part which has failed or is loose, especially when used to mount something near your front wheel, can be dangerous. In this case, we suggest that you should not ride a bicycle with one of these dynamo brackets fitted even if it appears still to be in perfect condition.

If you have a dynamo bracket like this, regardless of whether it has yet failed, or of where you bought it, we very strongly recommend that you remove it from your bicycle immediately and dispose of the part.

In addition, if you bought the bracket from us, regardless of the date of purchase, please contact us with your order information and we will refund you for the part cost.

A safe alternative

As an alternative we recommend either the front dynamo bracket or rear dynamo bracket. Their names suggest that they will fit only on the front or rear wheels, and for most bikes this suggestion is valid, but actually either of these brackets can be used on the front or rear wheel with careful adjustment. Neither of these have been known to fail. If you have concerns about damage to your bicycle frame from these mounts we recommend wrapping the frame with a couple of layers of electrical insulating tape before tightening up the bracket. It is important that the bracket is very tight in order to remove the dangerous possibility of it rotating on the frame tube.

We are not the manufacturer

We are not the manufacturer of this part and there has been no manufacturer's recall. We cannot take responsibilty for other shops which may still sell this part. However this part falls below our standards. We believe that this bracket is potentially dangerous and that is why we are offering a refund to any customers of ours who bought this part. If you bought your dynamo bracket elsewhere then you must return it to or ask for a refund from your supplier.

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Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
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Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
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Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
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Dynamo bracket for brake mount.
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