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Sunrace Multispeed Freewheel

Sunrace Multispeed Freewheel
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Price: €11.50
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: Sunrace Freewheel
Manufacturer: Sunrace / Sturmey Archer
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Cassettes combined with freehubs have replaced freewheels on many bicycle, but freewheels are still required for maintenance of older racing or touring machines and for some e-bikes. The Sunrace range covers most possibilities.

All freewheels screw directly onto the hub. It's important to grease the threads before the freewheel is screwed on because after the bicycle has been ridden it can be impossible to remove the freewheel afterwards unless this was done.

Because the hub is always the same whichever freewheel you have, it's often possible to change from a 5 speed to a 6 or 7 speed freewheel and have more gears available. But you may require a longer axle as this can result in there being inadequate space between the smallest sprocket and your frame.

These freewheels can be used with indexed or non-indexed gearing. They are Shimano compatible, meaning that they will index correctly with Shimano (and the many Shimano compatible) shifters. They also use the Shimano splined tool for removal, which is far superior to the older 2 and 4 prong tools which could damage the freewheel without removing the part.

Important note: Freewheels and cassettes are not the same thing: Before ordering please take care to ensure that you really want a freewheel which screws onto the hub and not a cassette which slips over splines on a differently designed hub.

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Sunrace Multispeed Freewheel
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Sunrace Multispeed Freewheel
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