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We have every intention to try to make your experience buying products from us work out as smoothly as possible.

We try to send shipments as soon as possible after orders are received, especially for items which are in stock. The estimates of delivery time quoted at the checkout are for items which are in stock. Occasionally we go out of stock of some items and it is also possible that we can't get some parts from our suppliers if they are out of stock or they are on holiday. If this is the case, then it may take a little longer than you expect for your order to arrive, but it will be despatched as soon as we have the parts that you have ordered.

We take holidays twice a year for a week at a time. We try to send all orders placed before the holiday before we leave, and on return we work to send orders as soon as possible. If there is a chance that we won't be able to fulfill any orders at all for a longer period than two weeks, the website will make this clear.

We offer two choices for shipping. One is uninsured and the other insured. The uninsured option is available only for lighter weight parcels. In either case, the delivery will be performed by the same company and is expected to take the same amount of time. An estimated delivery time in working days is given when you place the order, but note that if you have ordered items which are out of stock these may mean a longer delay.

With uninsured delivery our responsibility ends when the items are in the hands of the postal company.

With insured delivery, our responsibility ends when the items have been delivered to the address which we were given. When the shipping company sets their status for the package to "delivered" then that package is no longer our responsibility. If items go missing after they are delivered, as can happen with shared receptions or inside large companies, that is also not our responsibility.

Tracking codes are available for tracked and insured postage. The confirmation email when your parcel has been shipped will include a tracking code if you requested tracked postage.

We always use your address as you send it to us. If you give us an incorrect address or an address to which delivery cannot be made for any reason then we cannot take responsibility for a missing parcel. Please make sure that your address is correct, unambiguous, and known to the local delivery agents.

We advise giving an address to which delivery will be possible directly to yourself or someone else who you trust. Some customers give additional instructions for the postal deliverer, such as "leave on our front step if we're not home". You may do this at your own risk for low value items ordered with uninsured untracked postage , but if the parcel subsequently goes missing, it is not our responsibility. We can also not take responsibility if the deliverer fails to follow instructions such as "call this telephone number". Deliveries are often made by people who work on very low salaries. Quite often they are paid per item delivered. The price of making a telephone call can be higher than the per item rate and as such it is not reasonable to expect postal deliverers to make telephone calls, nor indeed to perform other complicated and time consuming tasks when making a delivery.

We supply parts, and perhaps some advice. However, its up to you to fit parts correctly and safely and to use items only as the manufacturer suggests. The fitting of safety critical parts, and almost all parts we supply are safety critical in one way or another, is a job for someone who knows what they are doing. If you are unsure of your ability to make your bike safe to use, please ask someone with a history of bicycle maintenance to help you or to do the work for you. We cannot take responsibility for the safety of your bicycle or those who ride on it.

Note that manufacturers sometimes change the specification or appearance of parts before we've had a chance to update the photos on our website. We'll never send you a part which does not function in the way that we describe, but we may have to send one which has a different appearance. If the appearance is all important to you put a note on the order to let us know this so that we can ensure that no parts with a different appearance will be sent to you.

It is important always to inspect a bicycle for correct operation before riding it. In particular, check the handlebars, brakes, tyres and lighting. This is especially important immediately after modifying your bicycle. However, we are not in a position to be able to check your bike for you so you must take responsibililty for its safety.

Our company name is Hembrow VOF and we have a Chambers of Commerce registration number of 04088438. Our BTW-nummer (VAT number) is NL818610608B01.

Our business is based in Assen in the Netherlands, and any legal proceedings will have to take place here. But let's try to avoid such eventualities. If you don't like something, let us know.