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KMC chain

KMC chain
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Price: €6.35
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: KMC Chain
Manufacturer: KMC
Average Rating: Not Rated

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We use a mixture of SRAM and KMC chains on our own bikes. KMC are less well known than SRAM, but they offer a good alternative for these reasons:

  • Cost is usually lower for a similar quality level
  • KMC often have lighter weight chains
  • KMC chains are available in different finishes. i.e. for colour or rust-proof

KMC chains come with either 112 or 116 links, depending on the type, and come with a special link to close the chain. Chains specifically for electric bikes are longer to allow for the longer frame which accommodates the motor and/or battery on many electric bikes.

For most single speed or hub gear bikes a 1/8th inch chain is required. All the other chains are 3/32nd or 11/128th inch internally with the outside dimension progressively narrower for the chains intended for cassettes with more sprockets. A "10 speed" chain will work on a "9 speed" cassette, but it probably will not work the other way around.

3/32nd chains designed for single-speed use are difficult to find from other manufacturers.

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KMC chain
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KMC chain
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