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Frame expander (uitzetter)

Frame expander (uitzetter)
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Price: €7.44
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Model: frame uitzetter
Average Rating: Not Rated

This tool is positioned between the chainstays of the frame and used to widen a bicycle frame slightly so that an inner tube or tyre can be swapped without having to remove the rear wheel completely from the bicycle. This saves time when changing an inner tube or tyre and makes it unnecessary to take a chaincase off a bike or do adjust hub gearing and brakes.

We don't use these tools ourselves and we recommend that you don't either. It will take a little longer, but loosen the wheel nuts, and chain tensioners if you have them, then in many cases, even on bikes with chaincases, it's actually possible to squeeze a replacement inner tube between the axle and frame without taking the wheel completely away from the bike. If it's not possible then we suggest that you do remove the wheel.

This product is listed because we have had people ask for them quite often, not because we recommend it. This product offers the possibility of saving time, but at the risk of damaging the frame. Steel frames are unlikely to be damaged but it's a really bad idea to use this tool on frames made of aluminium or other more exotic materials.

Use at your own risk.

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