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Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool

Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool
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Price: €6.96
Availability: In Stock
Model: Spokey Spoke Nipple key
Manufacturer: Spokey
Average Rating: Not Rated

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Nipple size:

The Spokey is a very good spoke key for a very good price. The steel insert grips your spokes on all four sides (see the additional photos), meaning the chance of damage is lower than with spoke keys which grip just two sides.

The plastic handle is light in weight, so it is also excellent to take on tour. You're unlikely ever to need to completely rebuild a wheel while touring, but a single broken spoke can be compensated for quite easily by retensioning those next to it. If you take a few spare spokes of the correct size with you, this tool can allow you to completely fix a broken spoke.

A Spokey accompanied me from Lands End to John o'Groats and on many other tours.

Red Spokey - special note
Please note that we can no longer get the red version of the original Spokey for 3.25 mm nipples. The remaining stock is for the less common 3.4 mm spoke nipple size.

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Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool
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Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool
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Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool
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Spokey Spoke Nipple Tool
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